Cycles GPU vs CPU render times

Hi. I am having some trouble with Cycles. I bought a new laptop, and I am now setting up my rendering settings. Cycles is supposed to render much faster than CPU, but that is not the case for me.
My laptop setup is:
i7-4700HQ @2.4GHz
GTX 760M

I have adjusted Cycles rendersettings according to this guide:
I tested rendertimes on a interior scene that I have been working on, and I got the following results:
CPU 16x16 tiles - 3:58
CPU 32x32 tiles - 3:59
GPU 256x256 tiles - 4:21
GPU 128x128 tiles - 4:39

What could cause this? Is my CPU just so much better in comparison to my GPU, or can I somehow improve my GPU results?

Laptop GPU’s by and large are nowhere near as powerful as a desktop GPU, and you need one of those to really take advantage of Cycles’ GPU mode. Without a powerful graphics card Cycles is often faster on the CPU, especially with a CPU beast like an i7.

Did you look at the specs before you buy?

That is some low bandwidth graphics card. Even a 460GTX is twice as fast as what you have in that laptop.

Generally speaking laptops are not good choices for GPU rendering because they can not support the large amounts of power required to run graphics acceleration chips. They are for mobile computing, not dedicated rendering.

Look on the bright side, you are all set for OSL texturing and experimental displace!:eyebrowlift:

Huh, I did look into GPUs, and did some comparisons with GTX 760M was the best GPU that I found within my price range and available laptops. I guess I’ll have to stick with CPU rendering then :slight_smile: Thanks for the responses!