Cycles grass/particle orientation issues need help

Hello Blenders,

I am using 2.68, I am trying to create a field of grass scene, I have modeled the grass, textured etc. I am applying weight paint to a plane. When I apply the Hair/group particle all the grass that I modeled orient flat along the y or x.

I have tried to adjust the rotation with various setting, I can get the grass to stand up correctly, but what happens is the blades of grass end up being elevated off the plane.

When I modeled the grass blades I added a plane in OBJ rotated to camera and scaled, then in edit I elevated so the bottom of the blade is at Z/0

I have tried adjusting every setting in the particle menu to no avail.

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Could be a few thing, although it sounds like the origin of the blade of grass is not where it should be (at the bottom of the blade in the center) You can sometimes be fooled into the location of the origin if you you only look at it in one perspective. Hair/dupligroup systems are real finnicky about scale and rotation, so make sure to apply both to the blades of grass and the emitter plane (ctrl-A)

This is a simple grass system that isn’t winning any design awards, but the settings work. It’s a weight painted subdivided plane with a normal map.
grass-simple.blend (836 KB)

If you still can’t figure yours out, post the blend.