Cycles : Great scene

Found a great scene on the net and downloaded it.
I am trying to learn from it.

Learning …



how much samples did you used to render?

In healthy open community accrediting source, creators… is paying respect & always appreciated :wink:
Study well.

Ahhh, ok… it’s mentioned here

Better description would be in order. Keep consistent, stay organized… :hugs:

Using 12 path tracing samples.
Square samples is enabled.
Looks clean.
Took 15 minutes to render and could maybe lower the samples.


I just went down to 8 samples and it took 7 minutes 22 seconds to render.
I dropped also the radius for denoising from 20px to 15 px.
Render is good.

Here another, 5 samples and took 4 minutes 19 seconds and showing noise
on wood and chair. Blochy walls.