Cycles Hair Not Rendering

I’m trying to use a hair particle system to render grass in cycles. However the particles aren’t visible in the render or in the viewport. What could be the problem?

None of the objects in your scene have a hair system (or any kind of system) so I wouldn’t hold my breathe hoping it renders.

What do you mean it has no hair system? If you go to the particle system tab you’ll find a particle system for hair. Are you taking a look at the particle system for either the hills or the grass plane?

See post #2

I saw it, and I asked a question about it.

What do want me to say, I looked at every object in the file you posted. None of them have a particle system. Download the file you posted (don’t open your local copy) and look.

It’s possible maybe that you have something linked locally.

running out door, looked for 2 secs, in the modifier stack look at eyeball icon = viewport visibility, and camera icon = render visibility…

The scene has alot of unapplied scales, negative scales, etc… (ctrl a) scale to apply scale.

Biggest problems:

  1. The particle system is hidden in the viewport (the eyeball icon has been greyed out) click it again.
  2. The fescue object is way too small, either scale it way up, or increase the ‘size’ value in the physics section.

Okay, it’s fixed now. Alt A and scaling helped.