Cycles Hair Rendering not apear


Hi, why the option Cycles Hair Rendering not appear in my version of blender 2.66?

I use Mac Osx version of blender.

Ensure the Render / Feature Set is Experimental. It is also CPU rendering only


in blender guru i find the solution, “Go to the render settings and set the mode to CPU and Experimental.”
Sorry for this topic.

Tks man, I should have researched more before creating the topic

tks again

I think it’s fully Blenders fault, not yours.
It’s context sensitivity vs. context “censorship” here.

While I am a fan of context sensitivity, this is counterproductive.
I guess many will have the same problem, they read strand render in cycles, and then can’t find it and I am sure this question will pop up a few times over the next weeks.

First of all it appears too when particles are set to anything. It shouldn’t - only if its set to “hair” it should be there if we’re talking context sensitive.
Secondly, it should be there, but grayed out with a tooltip that it only works if in CPU/experimental.

Else it’s a wild goosechase.