Cycles hair, wave, radial, curl

Hi folks,

Some quick questions about Cycles hair, curling and waving etc.

First the background:

The models I’m adding hair to are from MakeHuman which have been exported in decimeter measurement and imported into Blender (2.71) with the scale set to 0.1 I mention this because I’m sure it has effects down the path of the workflow.

In the children panel of the particle system there are tabs for braid, wave, curl and radial (whatever that is.) From my own ignorance the radius and frequency settings appear to be rather arbitrary, but that’s no doubt just my perspective.

That leads to my questions:

First off what do those measurements really mean and what units (if any) are the numbers in?

Secondly where is the line between curly and wavy hair?

Lastly, can anybody recommend good practice for using those modifiers?