Cycles Hard Edge light

Ok… So I haven’t figured out how to make a “Hard edge” on a projected light… I.E. if you are looking to do a down light on an item in a museum where the light hits the floor and leaves no fading between where the light hits and where the shadows begin.

Am I explaining this well?

More like a spot light and less like a flood light… that should make it more clear…

Any ideas on how to do this?

Use a smaller light source. The larger your light source, the softer the shadow.

Keep in mind, size is “relative”, meaning moving an object further away will make the shadows harder-edged as well. (this is why the sun casts hard shadows despite being ~1.4 million kilometers across)

Perfect… Never thought about a smaller light source!


A sun-type lamp in Cycles works for this, as it casts parallel rays. It’s also easy to change the value in the lamp Size field and see the results.