Cycles head - Skin & Photons

Rendered with Cycles
Take 7 hours 9 minutes. 500 samples on CPU.
[Eyes and Ears from Sintel, by the Blender Foundation]

You can find more info, and an explanation about how I did it on my blog.
And you can download the .blend file on Blendswap.

this looks really good mate, but 7 hours! how the hell have you got the patients for that, At 500 samples I wouldn’t wait more than 15 minutes lol, but then im very impatient and also have an extreme workstation (love showing that off hehe)

great to see someone dedicated as you mate, keep up the great work

wow… realy nice!!!

maibe the hair can improve… the eyes are the best… good job

The eyes have been modeled by Angela Guenette (for Sintel) you can just feel the pro work on it (I only shader it).
I’m waiting for Subsurface Scattering support on Cycles to match the quality of the skin with Angela work.
I also wait for hair support on Cycles, but it can be workarounded :stuck_out_tongue: