Cycles - How to project a Picture/Movie with a Spotlight

is there a easy solution for this?

now im faking it by using a plane+emission material.

I also found this approach

but its damn complicated and you can also not move the spotlight anymore without changeing a lot of parameters or using drivers.

You need to make a slide out of the image and blast the spotlight intensity way up.
Here’s a blend file with an example. I worked up a simple projector.

Everything is parented so you only have to aim the projector.
To change the picture go to the ‘slide’ material of the projector and change the image file.
-To make a brighter picture (for daylight scenes), up the spotlight brightness. (can’t do this in the real world!)
-To defocus the picture change the spotlight size. Perfect focus requires size = 0.00
-To change the projection size move the control on the box.
-To simulate a cheaper projector change the spotlight blend amount and/or angle.
This was kind of fun, and a keeper for my library!
Good luck

edit: I just realized that one limitation of the model is that the soft shadows cast by objects in front of the screen is tied to the projector focus. A more realistic projector would generate sharp object shadows even if the picture focus is set very blurry. I’ll think about this. Using two spotlights comes to mind…

this is enough for my case! thanks! :slight_smile: