Cycles: How to Random Location, Rotation an Scale of Mapping ?


You see in my example all boards have the same mappinglocation.

Does anybody know how to set Random X,Y and Z Location-Values to the Mappingnode ?
I can’t find any Inputs for the Mapping values.
Or is there some other way to randomly move the xy-location of a mapping without touching each board by hand ?

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Fantastic, it works ! :smiley:
This is a great timesaver !

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@ ALain

this looks interesting for cycles

do you have a small sample file to thsi randomg thing!

not certain how and what it does with the nodes set up in cycles

also is the video tut for cycles also ?

can this be applied let say to a duplicated object or instaced object?

thanks for any feedback

I’m not sure it helps: (1.53 MB)

It still needs alot of improvements:
-It should not Copy the Material, just the Drivers (if possible).
-There should be a way to make work for linked copies (Alt-D or arrays)

My little stupid head doesn’t find a solution for this at the moment.

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thanks i 'll try to work tomorrow

and see what i can do with this


Getting closer to Floor Generator from CGSource! :smiley:

Many thanks.

@ Alain

left random value

not certain what this infodoc node gives
is like an integer like a sequence 0 ,1 ,2 3, 4 ect.

or a random number between 0 and 1 ?

but the render looks very nice
not too drak or light and many random values for hue ect.

nice work for UV map
hope it can do the same for proc textures

thanks for sample file


The Object Info Node Random Output produces Values between 0 and 1 I guess.
But I don’t know if 0.00 or 0.000 or 0.0000 and so on…

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Sanne did a little Update to simplify the Nodesetup.
Here is my updated file: (1.58 MB)

Thanks again to smart head Sanne :slight_smile:

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another thing here by default the texture coordinate node is not needed

it will defaul ot to UV now !

nice work

would like to see othe like that for stones surfaces or concrete wall or floor !


I would like to see the FloorGenerator ( for 3D Max in Blender :wink:

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you mean to make like this !

i’d like to have one to add 100’ of planks like that
for the Titanic wood floor deck
would be easier to do the do it by hand !

did you check the script libray to see if there is one ?

i’v seen external rgram that can do that


For Blender 2.6 there os not such a Script. The has been a Floorgenerator for Blender 2.49.

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did not see one for 2.6 yet !

but do you have the link for this floor generator in 2.49

i might ahve it on my HD
i’ll check out !

as i said i need to do several floor for the titanic dck
and it would help


It’s here:

Kind regards

sorry what is this link ?

give a page but not certain what to do with this ?


This is the link to the floor generator for Blender 2.48.
Have a look under “Downloads”.

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don’t know since last internet 9 update from microsoft
i hage some bug like i cannot downlaod PDf file it create an error per page downloaded!

and i tried the link page and i cannot select anything on that page!

dont’ know


I suggest you to use Firefox and not Internet Explorer :wink:

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got the floor wall script

have you ever use it ?

it makes the tiles but when rendering you dont’ really see it as tiles!
like there are not joints between the tiles!