Cycles IES lights, currently broken?

Anyone know if IES lights are broken? I’m on Linux, rendering on AMD CPU.

Do you mean that it does not work at all for you, or do you mean that it does not respect the image as reference that you have?
Apparently this is working well here in CPU and GPU (nvidia), loading external .ies file. Blender 2.8, Linux.

I’m not getting any response at all. Even adjusting strength doesn’t do anything.
I haven’t updated in a about a weeks time though.

I do not know if there have been some bug recently fixed.
Here as it looks with bollard.ies downloaded from here:

The .blend file:
ies_2.8.blend (656.1 KB)

You make sure you set a lamp size small enough to better distinguish the shape.

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Yours work if I open the blend, but your lamp fails if I append it to a new scene, even if I do Load Factory Settings.

I can’t fathom what the heck I’m doing wrong here, completely and utterly lost.
Here is my version, are you able to make it work?
BuggedIES_After_Appening_Working_One.blend (677.3 KB)

I’m using fagerhult IES, which is like 8600+ lights - far too many to be useful, and without previews. I have no idea where I got it from, possibly from work. So your pack will come in handy, thanks for the link. Although I don’t think it is related to my issue.

Hey @CarlG. It’s working correctly when you disable Open Shading Language.

Also, regarding your preview problem, I’m using IES Viewer 3.5 for my collection of 80k IES lights. It should help you.

Indeed. But, like, wth??? I can’t have both? Not that OSL is required as work projects I sometimes have to render at work, where I can do GPU only.

But, thank you. This was driving me absolutely insane.

Well, it’s not supported on OSL. You can report a bug on the bugtracker.
Feel free to mark my post as answer. :slight_smile:

Done, and reported. Thanks again.