Cycles Image Emission?

I’m trying to create a computer screen for my Render and when I try to combine the two Nodes Image and Emission to the screen material, I get a blue screen that glows instead of the image of my desktop that I’m trying to display on the screen any help would be appreciated Thanks guys.

You should just plug an image into the color of the emission node. It should just be one emission node, one texture node, and that’s it. Works fine for me here in my test just now.

I have a feeling you need to UV unwrap your plane that your placing the image onto. Your set up is correct … image-emmission.
Another way is to enable import images as planes … which will bring in your image with the right scaling and aspect ratio and you wont have to uv unwrap. One thing for what ever reason, when you use that feature, the plane comes in really super small and you have to scale it way up… at least for me. That feature is found in user preferences…addons…import/export

Thanks guys Iwnaged to fix it with the UV UNWRAP

Glad you got it worked out…