Cycles Image Sequence in Viewport


I’m new to blenderartists and have started switching from Maya (since 1998) to Blender about two months ago. So far this software is absolutely incredible and I’m very excited about the possibilities.

Here’s the first thing where I got really stuck, though:
I have a 2D character walk cycle, with alpha channel as an image sequence on a plane. 32 frames in total. I want to render this with Cycles, which works fine, even the preview Cycles render is considerably quick. Unfortunately it’s not fast enough to flip between frames to judge the correct placement of the character or the animation. For some reason that I don’t know I can not get the OpenGL viewport to update any other but the first frame of the seq. I tried different settings, image formats etc. but no change. The only way I can see the viewport preview correctly is switching to Blender Internal renderer, create a new material and set the Display to GLSL which is not available in Cycles. There’s also a GLSL switch in the user prefs, but I don’t see any change in Cycles either. I found some info here and in the last sentence it almost sounds like what I want to do is possible. But how? Am I just missing a checkbox somewhere? Thanks for any input.

2013 iMac i7, 24GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB
Blender 2.74

Do you want a 2D walking through a 3D cycles rendered animation, rendered with OpenGL ???
If your using openGL rendering, then cycles rendering is disabled, thats normal.

If you want to mix some 3D rendered cycles content with a image nimation, maybe its possible in compositing ?

Be aware that cycles isnt a quick render method, its the slowest most acurate way of rendering in Blendering.

Perhaps you should go investigate BGE (blender gaming engine), walk loops sounds like game.
Game engine is a fast quick render, comparable to openGL.

enz_, I’m seeing the same, image from sequence is updating in viewport in GLSL mode when switched to Blender Internal, but not when switched to Cycles. Maybe a limitation for Cycles viewport for now, I read somewhere it is not yet as functional as the viewport for BI.

The report you linked doesn’t specify which viewport they are talking about, BI or Cycles.

I don’t have a solution for you, just wanting to confirm your observation. Maybe somebody else knows more about it, if it is known or if a bug report should be made. I would think the behaviour is not consistent as it is.

Sanne, Razorblade, thanks for your replies. I did a workaround, which for now is sufficient, but it would be great if the viewport would be kind of independent from whatever renderer is selected…

I duplicated my plane with the image sequence that works fine in Cyles and switched the renderer to BI. For the duplicate I created a new material and chose GLSL. Placed the plane, checked the timing of the animation to my satisfaction, hid the object and switched back to Cycles. Unfortunately I had to do this three or four times, since Blender kept crashing after I switched to BI and scrubbed through the timeline. It almost has never crashes on me so far, so maybe there’s a conflict with materials from different renderers in the same scene or something. Anyways, works for now and the result looks as expected.


yeah, switching to BI temporarily would also be my workaround. But that crash you got definitely should be reported, if you have time, crashes are never acceptable, bug howto is here.

If you would like to talk to developers in realtime, asking about the crash or the viewport issue, you can do that in IRC chat, server, channel #blendercoders.

Oh, and I almost forgot: welcome to Blender! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I’ll look into the bug report as soon as I find time.