Cycles Image sequence texture

Hi guys.
In blender internal you can assign a texture to an object with “source” as Image sequence. So I can have a different texture file for each animation frame.
Is there a way to use image sequence in cycles?

I’m also interested in this. I am rendering an animation that uses a few thousand textures generated from dynamic paint. I would love to render in cycles, but am having trouble getting Cycles to recognize the image sequence.

As it is still listed in, “… animated image textures do not work.”
Hopefully this list will get shorter. Some issues seem to be gone already.

Thanks eppo. Are you sure that “animated image textures” means image sequence and not gif files? For Image sequence I mean a series of images (different files) with name like 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg… that are used on the corresponding frame during an animation.

In BI that usually assumed one takes movie file and textures tv set, furnace, whatnot. That does not work in cycles, well, it did not for me. Next, i discovered wiki page - it was mentioned in Cycles thread here. So i’m selling here this :), assuming that “animated image textures” = or jpg or png sequence. Take default cube and try animation with some jpg strip.
I’ve never used gifs for texturing, neither i red about such usage.

Happy blending!