Cycles in action: interior rendering

another demo showcasing the power of blender’s render engine (Cycles) in archviz rendering.
the purpose of this demo is to show you how practical cycles is, and how much it helps to quickly set shaders, change the lighting and set the render views.
also you’ll find at the video end how the noise cleaning post-process works …

hope that you’ll find it inspiring.


GREAT, the sink is the one that caught my eyes the most :o

yeah I like it too, but I’ve made a little mistake that turned the water looks silverfish, I added a wetmap and set it’s shader too glossy, so when the water enter in contact with the sink, the material of the sink changes to a more reflective one, just compare the water material when it falls it looks great, but inside the sink it’s not too good, anyway thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

Great work Hamza:yes:

yes great work, liked the sink the most, but you need to make the water more shallow.

Thanks for posting, the video is great.
Only 400 samples and so beautiful result ,its impressive.
Your work is always inspiration/educational for me…

Sorry for double posting , could i ask you to explain better the sky portal you using , shown in your video in the layers ?
I see the lightning is improving when using it , searched the net for skyportal i couldn’t find much , all i found is the light portal node.
Are they them same ?

I just called them skyportal (like in luxrender) but they are simple meshes with an emission material, I also disabled for them in object panel (ray visibility) the “camera” and “shadows” option so, they contribute to the scene lighting without been visible, and let the sun light pass through them…

Thanks for your answer , if its not to annoying i would like to ask you one more question.
What numbers you use for interior diffuse/glossy/trans. ?

this is it…

Thank you so much!

if You want to be more realistic with the water in the sink , it should look more like this

, in engineering you make a difference between 2 states of the water flow , one is called shooting (in the image you can see the water making a circl and the other flowing (water flows normally again) in german,

I love your work. Blender is the most powerful tool

Supreme work, great job!

WOw great work! You must have mastered Cycle :smiley:

thanks for the reference photo, but honestly I don’t know how to achieve this, on my video I just used the fluid sim

Very nice clean rendering with tons of details.
Exceptional work, congratz. :slight_smile:

Great, in all respects… I have a new appreciation for arch viz rendering. I’d love to study the blend file on this project. I watched your video but it was tough with no audio explanations.

Have you done any outdoor night scenes, like out in pool area?
Any recommendations you might have regarding lighting and render set ups would be sure be welcomed.

this is a good blend file for study, with different scenes (different light sets, night, day, sunset)

edit: there’s some problem with the bump value in recent blender builds you have to increase them to get the right result again, but anyway I will update this project soon with more goodies (noise cleanup node setup)

I will update this project soon with more goodies (noise cleanup node setup)

That would be great! Thank you for taking the time to post the example, I’ll look forward to studying it. I’m doing this project now (hotel) that has been a nightmare because I really don’t know the best way to handle the need for both night time and daytime renders…add to that I want to animate… So any tiips I can pick up will be appreciated.