Cycles - Increasing Speed & Decreasing Noise?

This image took 5 hours with nearly 700 passes. The problem is that I’m trying to achieve a noise-less image rendered with a time that’d support animation.

Here’s an animation of the same lab:

In the animation I spent 2-3 minutes per frame. Yet it’s quite grainy.

Is there a solution to make cycles render an animation in decent time without it looking like it was taken by a dying camera?


Too many llight sources, cycles sample one light per bounce, and you need as more samples as number of lights to clear noise compares to simple 1 light scene

That makes sense.

So how would you suggest I reduce light sources? Should the ceiling be one seamless light?

Or perhaps I should join all the lights to form a single object? Would that make it faster?

If you turn the roughness of your glossy shader to 0.0 it may render faster and produce less noise. You will lose that fuzziness, however.

I’ve had the same problem with Cycles. It really depends on your cpu power (or whatever it is) and I don’t see Cycles speeding up any time soon. I was making a floor plan once, and needed a single frame, so I left it for about half an hour and then came back, and it was lovely! I think if you do want a nice animation, your only option is to wait ages for each frame, that’s the only way around it, but it does bring out better renders (my lovely floor plan : )

I heard somewhere about being able to use gpu (your graphics card) instead of cpu (your computer power or something like that) which is supposedly quicker, why don’t you try that. I don’t think it works on Mac, but apparently, this is how you do it (, why not give that a try!

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