Cycles inefficient?

I’m currently doing a Cycles render on my Win x64 Core i7 system. It seems as though Blender is using only one of the 8 cores, although total CPU usage does go up to 20% occasionally, possibly due to other processes. Is this normal? I’m pretty sure Blender is set to use all available cores by default.

[I haven’t been able to do a GPU render with this image, probably because it is too big (5000 x 3500 pixels) and I don’t have enough video RAM]

Oops, it actually IS doing a GPU render. Strange, that wouldn’t work for me earlier on an image this size. Guess this one is just a tad smaller.

Not sure if it has been mentioned much in these forums, but even for GPU rendering, there is a single threaded CPU process at the start for BVH building… Brecht is planning on making this multithreaded (which will be awesome for large scenes), but at the moment its single threaded.

Also, if you are wanting to render at 5000x3500, but you cant fit it into ram, you can always use monster tile render to split it up into smaller chunks… i believe it is compatible with cycles (atleast with bat3a’s build on graphicall)

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