Cycles Interior/Barcelona Chairs

Just something I have been playing with, rendered in Cycles(crap pc, 1:45 hour render at 400 samples)
Much to do! :smiley:

Very nice. I can’t even find anything to critique, except maybe putting some kind of outdoors scene at the windows. I’ve been wanting to work in cycles but I don’t exactly know enough about it yet, as I’ve only dealt with modeling. Hope to create something like this myself one day :smiley:

And just wanted to say something else … very interesting stylized clock. I really like it haha

Beautiful - this is really nice lighting. It almost looks like an Octane render, can you share some details please? I’ve been trying to get that soft white look in cycles for a while.

@Levante01: Thank you very much! :smiley:

@swmo: Thank you! I only have one emitter plane right outside the window, power of 5, and my sky is white and at a power of .5. Open scene, the only walls in it are the ones you can see here. Hope it helps! :smiley:

It is a beautiful render in every detail. But I’m trying to figure out what in the world are you watching on TV :slight_smile:

Haha! Thank you! That is Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, an extremely funny Canadian horror/comedy. Here is this particular scene in the movie:

What happened to crazy acid color scheme for vases? :smiley:

Ha! It’s there, just have to Cycle-ize it. LOL

Nice Render!!

Thanks very much! :smiley:

Geeze, I just watched that tucker & dale link you posted… Our northern neighbors have a pretty funny, but twisted sense of humor. A similar strangeness like these Canadian dudes

It’s way different than the previous versions for sure. Looking good, but that’s common pattern with your work. Wouldn’t expect anything less.

If you’re taking ideas, I agree with Stan_Pancakes, bring the vases back!
Another thing that comes to my mind is to think about the point of interest when progressing further. If the Barcelona chairs are what the viewer should be looking at first, those should pop out in some way.
Window gets a background so that probably tones down the interest away from it but I’m not sure what would guide the viewer’s eyes to the right direction. Perhaps a fluffy red (or other bright color) blanket on the left chair? Like thrown on it or something, almost falling down but not covering it from the camera side. That would also do its job in breaking the precise look in the scene.

Edit: of course, DOF will help a lot.

Hahaha! Thanks! :smiley:

@JA12: Thanks a bunch! :smiley:

Really nice render. I like lighting and the floor material. A bit noisy in shadow areas. Maybe you should add some point lights with a low strength there, or other mesh lights in different angles.

Thanks very much! Yes, much to do and add, and I will certainly use more than 400 samples on the finished one :smiley:

Just a quick BI render of the chair:

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