Cycles Interior

Hello All,

Simple interior rendering with Cycles.


Wow! nice work…but i don’t like the closeup. they lack of geometry detail.

Thank You ~alan.zirpoli. You’re absolutely right - geometry is not right. Will fix it in the future. Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated.

Hello All. Different view below. Thanks


Many Thanks

I like the colors.

Nice! Do you mind share some information on the lighting setup?

Nice Work :slight_smile:

I only wish I had 3 hands… So I could give this 3 thumbs up!


Sorry for the delay with my response - Holiday :).

Lighting Setup - I’ve cheated and instead to model real walls and windows I did use mesh emission material. Please find attached image.

Thanks again for your comments.

Much Appreciated.

Nice. Is the emission dome emiting light from inside or are these actually 2 objects?



They are actually 2 objects. Emission plane (power 1) and object NR 2 with any material applied to it. You don’t have to use obj NR 2 but I’ve found that the render looks better with it. I don’t know why :).


I was just about to ask were you got those glasses from, Great job on the lighting.

Cool lighting, and very fresh materials.
Congratulations :slight_smile:

It looks very nice. I would make two modifications:

  • Glass objects have a dark border. I think you can reduce this through subsurfacing, including more rings.
  • The background is very clear. I would include some texture or change its color. The vases don’t stand out.

Thanks all for all your comments. It really good to hear how you can improve your work.

~sparky1492 - glasses are obj which I’ve created long time ago as a modelling exercise, but they are very poor quality as you can see in the close ups. I’ve made them from a reference, some Google search images.


how did you set yo the world? just white color, and HDRI file ???

Good work!!!
I did not understand the function of object NR 2.

Very pretty !

I agree than you should re-model the glasses: it’s a shame that they are so “blocky”. There is also something slightly odd in the way the flowers catch the light, but i can’t put my finger on it…

Very clean and simple i love the clean scenes. I love your scene.:yes: