Cycles interior

Im going to call this one finished…im happy with how it has turned out, and have worked for long enough on it.

1000 samples (could have been more really), took about 30-40mins to render I think with GPU.

Borrowed the books from Andrews free architecture pack.

Comments and critique welcomed as always :slight_smile:

Link to HD

im not one to usually bump my own thread, but this has slipped down to the 3rd page with no comments…Usually I get at-least one :stuck_out_tongue: (no seriously…one is normally all I get for some reason)

Sorry for the bump :confused:

Hi Peter,

i’ve had the same issue with my Yamaha-thread so I understand :slight_smile: To me the interior looks quite good although I think there’s A LOT of space in this room :slight_smile: But the exterior could be a little bit improved - maybe an HDRI with a sunny-cloudy sky would help…

Best regards

Your render is very nice and the models/textures are convincing, too. I agree with glooblooz about the noticeable openness of the room, which is emphasized by the expansive and featureless backyard. The repeated horizontal lines of the long image format and long shadows from the window say to my eyes, “look at all this empty floor space.” Several things might mitigate this effect, like maybe a narrower upper molding (so the wall looks taller), turning on the lamp, or creating a foreground with some kind of accessory or architecture.