Cycles 'Interpolation'

Hello everyone. I have problem. My problem is about Cycles Node Editor, I interesting minecraft works in blender. I solved some render problems (for blender render) but with cycles i have some problems. With blender render if i uncheck ‘Interpolation’ texture doesnt be smooth. (Look Picture) But i dont know how i can do this in cycles editor. Anyone could help me ?


thx but this image (/uploads/default/original/4X/b/3/1/b314a395a87e0cd734e39429c6c1d4318657cc00.pngd=1328337343) looks confused. How i can do more easy or with more less window ?

i’ll attach the file, then you just have to append the Node Group to your file (File->Append, open the PixelateUV.blend, Nodetree, PixelateUV). After you have appended it, it will show up in the “add menu -> Group” of the node editor.


PixelateUV.blend (462 KB)