Cycles is not rendering certain parts of the image, why?

I’m trying to render an image in Cycles.
I’m using GPU (I have a Geforce 980).
If I render it at 50% of my specification I have the full image rendered, but if I increase it more than that I have problems on my render like in the image:

When it’s still rendering I can see the full chactacter showing up but in the end I get the image with this empty squares.
Inspite of this happening I have no errors showing up at the moment.
On other tries I had a lot of problems with the “CUDA error. Out of memory in cuCtxSynchronize”, but that’s not the case at the moment, although I’m afraind it could be related?
What am I doing wrong?

Ps.: I’m using 2.83.3 Blender version

Test if it renders correctly on CPU to check if it is related to the GPU or something else.



another thing to check is that nothing is being done in the compositor that is overwriting those pixels, since you mentioned you saw those tiles during render but they disappear when it finishes.

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ok I’ll do that. Let’s see…

Are you using any compositing nodes? Some of those are scale dependent.


You can also try to switch the bucket order to “Left to Right” (just something else than a spiral) and decrease the bucket size a bit.

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What’s that?

Ok, so it renders correctly with the CPU and it took a third of the time to do it… (how strange!).
I guess I’ll stick with the CPU then :confused: (I have an Intel i7-5220K 3.30Ghz).

Also, there are no composite nodes activated, so no problem from there.


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