Cycles is rendering slowly


I was watching Andrew Price’s tutorial called “Introduction to the Cycles Rendering Engine” and it’s really nice! I’m learning a lot. Though I should probably learn the basics of modelling before this… But yeah I’ll come to that later… Also tried some camera tracking.
Anyway, while watching it there were some things I wanted to ask.

In the video he says that he has a GTX470 and while working in Cycles it renders really fast for him. For me it’s a lot slower and I’ve got a GTX580, 4GB RAM, and an i5 750.
The video was made March 21, 2012 so he’s using an older version of Blender, and he enabled GPU rendering in the “Render” menu on the right side.
I couldn’t find it in version 2.66 so I had to google how to enable it and found it in the system tab in user preferences.

Does anyone have an idea why mine is slower?

Also another question, when snapping the camera to the viewport (ctrl + alt + numpad 0), how do I then move the camera to the sides, up, down, forward etc in that view?

Thank you very much in advance!

Edit: After looking around some more I found the setting in the menu on the right side under “Render”. I have no idea how I missed that before. It’s much faster now.
What’s the difference between the CPU/GPU render option in the “Render” menu and the GPU/CPU option in user preferences system tab?


I think the one in the user preferences enables the GPU to be selected, but you still have to select it in the render options :slight_smile: Thats because some people need CPU features/larger ram.