Cycles is slower than before

Something went wrong in newest builds of 2.8 because rendering with Cycles is slow.
A scene that took 03:20 now takes 04:50 or more. Same file same quality.
Any idea what had happend?
Denoising also seems to take longer?
Sorry can not tell exactly what is the problem

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Do you have multiple gpus? Since animation denoising was merged, denoising is indeed much slower.

No but i have a good i7 and use gpu+cpu multi. HP OMEN 1

7 an100 laptop
Will they solve this or will stay like this?
My animation project is badly affected because denoising is the trick i planned to use with very few render samples so i would not need a renderfarm.
The scene is very well optimized in every possible way. Particles. Geometry. Low res lookup Etc.
I cant optimize almost nothing more…

use an older buildbot in the meantime if you can, before animation denoising.

Have you tested the D-Noise addon? (You need a nvidia gpu for it to work)

It wouldn’t help much if D-Noise needs the normal and albedo pass, those are also slower since animation denoising.

Ok, that doesn’t sound good. Hopefully they will be able to fix this later.

Thanks a lot to all
I will just wait for 2.8 release
Maybe they can code two different denoise nodes each focused for certain tasks…

I am sorry. I did the test again and the diference is less now.
Windows 10 must have something to do with this.
Maybe the first time you open the new build windows behaves badly i guess…?

This could be due to the new patch ( KB4482887).

Yes it was Win 10 fault but in 1803 version.
I hate windows but cant afford a Macintosh with an i7 8700H and Nvidia gtx 1070 like in my pc laptop.
A pity Apple does not open macOSX license to common pc machines.
Thanks friends