Cycles - Issue with backdrop

Hey guys

I rendered this in 16-bit and still got this issue, not exactly sure how to name it, but the ‘gradient’ of the backdrop is not ‘drawn’ well/smooth… Any idea why this might be?

(I don’t wanna show my model just yet (haha) so I cropped it, I hope you’ll see what the issue is, without the context, well, the bottom has these huge stripes, instead of a smooth gradient…)



Hard to say only from this image mate … send the .blend file (for sure without the models U dont want to show…)


Ah right.

Cheers man, thanks for looking!

For the backdrop you have set the subsurf modifier subdivision value to 4 for the viewport but only 2 for the render

Subsurf level 2

When set to level 4 you get

The backdrop is also using flat shading not smooth shading

Also check your compression ratio – 2% seems very, very low, general around 90% is used. The more compressed an image (even for PNG format) the more data gets lost in the rendering, and gradients are very sensitive to this.

Ah right Rich… shows that I am not used to render much…

Cheers chipmasque! Yeah, I got it the other way around, thought 2% value would not compress at all :slight_smile:

yep, before Ive got some free time to answer this enough was said from the others so PROBLEM SOLVED.