Cycles, Light Source and Shadows

I believe I read this somewhere but I want to double check.
I’m not getting nice shadows, from say using a plane for an emissive lighting.
I do get the nice shadows from the lamp though.

Should I be getting nice shadows from the emissive plane or if I was to use the IES Lights also?
Use the lamp and try to cancel the shadowing from the emissive, I guess IDK. Just using Cycles more now.
Should there always be a lamp source in there to get the shadow needed, like sun, hemi, point etc…?

Is it possible to check off somewhere on not getting shadows from emissive lighting?

Is it possible to check off somewhere on not getting shadows from emissive lighting?
Emission planes give shadows but unfortunately you haven’t bothered to include an example blend file so we can’t give specific help on why you may not be getting them.

Trying to attach a blend file and upload fails.

Here we go I had to unpack the texture it was 6 mb alone. I think I can only upload under 5mb.

ThornSample.blend (1.76 MB)ThornSample.blend (1.76 MB)

Basically I’m just wondering how to not get shadows when using the lamp from the emissive planes, or possibly better shadows from emissive planes, circles etc…

I’m just getting ugly blotchy shadows from the emissive planes wrecking my nice shadow from the lamp.
Yes they can be cancelled out with lighting, but why would I want them there in the first place? What’s with these ugly shadows anyways? lol

By simple experimenting one can find that Emission objects emit light rays from each point of their surface all possible directions.
Such light can not give sharp shadows. Pointlight, by it’s name, emits light rays all directions from one point - shadows close to it are sharp, further they reach less sharp they are. What’s actually left in Cycles is Sun giving parallel light rays if the Size is set to 0. If size is any bigger than 0 shadows are getting blurred. Oh, well, Spotlight. I wont go over it. Area lamp is the same as Sun so far.

Each light has it’s use, even with what can be considered, flaws. Say, you couldn’t really get this effect in your example file using only Sun lights.
Yellow light and fake shadow from non existing leaves comes from Emitter plane while sharper gray shadow comes from Sun.

More on Lamps -


The sun has a diameter of approx half a degree, so it will cast noticeable blurred shadows.

I don’t think you can create light sources that doesn’t produce a shadow by adjusting the light itself. You can tell a surface to ignore being in shadow, but not on a per lightsource basis. Maybe a trick is to use a hint of fully rough gloss on the tree and set the plane light to glossy only in its object parameters? For a broad planelight and tiny sunlight, this will most likely produce a lot of noise though.

Wow a few days went by! Working on a few models to bring into cycles for next week.
Thought I needed the sun for the shadowing, K well thx…will see what I can come up with then, for some model renders!