Cycles Lighting practice scene: The Bedroom

Because my next personal project demands good lighing, and because I am currently not so good at it, I decided to download some practice scenes from 3D

So I applied some basic materials and am not quite done yet, but to me the whole scene seems way too dark. In BI I would just add some environment lighting, but because of the walls, that does not work in cycles. Any ideas on how to improve this lighting?

firstly have you tried switching on AO in the render tab? second, its cheating really, but it can help you give bright tones to a render at the cost of loosing the lighter shadows, but you can add a plane to cover the ceiling and give it a very low emittency then go to object data and switch ray visibility to off by unticking the cam button in there. but i would give AO a try first, also you can increase the number of bounces so that the light travels further before dying, and render it to a higher ammount to let all the bounces do there job, also if you switch back to BI and uncheck colour correction then switch to cycles (i dont know why the 2 are linked, its early stages i guess) then your overall render in cycles will be lighter :slight_smile:

for the record im the guy that started the cycles thread (its now reached about 11,000 views) theres lots there to help people including a ton of tutorials on the last page about lighting)

In case you don’t know, when adding lights be careful about increasing the size of a mesh at the same time as increasing the strength of the emitter. Increasing the size also increases the strength.

You can also tweak material colours, making whites, whiter or shifting towards grey a little, or a lot to get the effect you want.

I’d do as bizla suggested and add a plane emitter around the cieling; make it roughly room size and play around starting with very low values untill you get what you want. It doesn’t need much imo; looks very atmospheric as it is.

I think it looks really good. Agree with Writer’s Block, it’s very atmospheric as it is.

Maybe just a touch more ambient light, and I think this one’s done!

Well, unless there are huge complaints, I think I will move on to the next challenge.

I realize that a lot of the texturing is horrible, but this was more about lighting and atmosphere. If this had been my model, I would have spent way more time on it but it is not.