Cycles Lighting Question

What is the best way to light a backdrop? I have a cycles scene and I am getting a black area in my image and I cannot figure out why. (see image)

I have also made sure the 3D clipping distance “End” is set to 1km so that is not the problem.

I am using 2 hemi lights (both hemi lights are turned on) as seen in my image. One of the hemi lights is pointing right at the backdrop so I cannot understand why the black area is present?

Any ideas why the black area?

White Background
I also deleted the backdrop and then chose “white” for my world background but when I rendered the image rendered with a black background. I wanted the image to render on a white background. Why did it render with a black backgroud?

Which Light is Best?
I noticed that a plane set to emission casts a “soft” light with no shadows and the lamps cast a harder light. So when do you know what to use is a scene is it mostly trial and error?

I notice when I move the backdrop a little closer it renders fully. I need to leave it where it is though and I can’t figure out why the black is appearing where it is. Please help. Thanks.

have you set Camera Clipping as well? (Camera Properties)

That was it. you saved the day! :wink: Thanks bashi.