cycles lights for inside room how to ?

can you use emission plane inside a closed room ?

i mean if i put the camera inside this room i don’t really want to see the big emission plane
and is it possible to add some texture on that plane or only plain color ?

or simply use normal lamps to light up the room ?


There was a short tip on blendernation a while back:

Maybe this helps you getting started.
And here the answers to your question:

  1. Yes you can use an emission plane. In the worst case you can set the ray visibility in the object data to “invisible for camera”
  2. Sure you can add any texture to an emission plane.
  3. You can use lamps, but it should be better to use small spheres. As the lamps are theoretically infinitely small, but a physical light bulb is not

ok how do you add texture to an emission shader
i mean an example for nodes set up for this would clarify this ?

just viw this video which is sort of a special case using row of fluo near ceiling

but the room i have has only a few point lght on the ceiling
but don’t really wont to use these light source
i prefer to use a plane emission on either side to light the whole room!
so not certain how to show the ends wall with emission plane inf ront of them or use the endwall as emission plane

but got a problem cause the end walls are like window mirror

and where do you find this emission object visibility
which panel ?


Just use a mix shader with 2 emission shaders as input. For the factor of the mix shader you can use a texture e.g.
The ray visibility is in the object data panel. The cube icon directly to the right of the world icon.
In that panel go to the very bottom. There is the ray visibility. Turn of the camera for the emission planes.

got a problem with camera

i set camera angle at 75 degrees but don’t get the vertical angle in render
horz seems ok

and how to show the camera angle in viewport with cycle if possible
don’t see any var for this in panel
may be i’ll see what’s wrong in camera view in viewport !


i can see camera preview and it looks good and it covers eveything but no in the rendered output

not certain why it is not showing samething then shown in preview ?

it looks like the top has been clipped!