Cycles Logo?

Does Cycles have a logo yet? If it doesn’t, does it need one? I’ve been practicing some logo design lately, and I could be of some assistance in that compartment if necessary.

Here’s a little thing I whipped up last night


By the way, I can convert it to a variety of different vector file formats as well :yes:

don;t think it needs one. but nice job :wink:

As I understood, Cycles will allways be an external renderer, but highly tied with Blender.
If it’s an external renderer, why not let it be used in other software? It could be a thing on its own. In that case, a logo would be a nice touch.

Nice in concept, but the typography is a bit iffy. The way the “Y” is elevated breaks the rhythm, as does the fact that it’s a slightly different weight. But I bet you can find a solution if you try.

Cool logo :wink: I hope one of the developers sees it!

cycles not bicycles lol –

Yeh, I wouldnt have imagined the logo as a bicycle, would potentially confuse people and doesnt really seem relevant. Maybe some kind of ‘streamlined’ logo which represents a cycle somehow, related to photons or how a GPU works perhaps. Theres potential here to be a bit more intricate and creative with the meaning behind the logo.

I had 20 min free so i made this

Inspired by Blender logo.

I think this is more appropriate

@(jay) ha ha. love it.
@zanos, nice… it seems endless lol.

(jay) hahah perfect! xD