cycles logo

ya ya i know what your all thinking. cycles is exclusive to blender so why does it need a logo. im not saying it does, and this could be a total waste of time… or it might not be and it could be really cool.

as you probably guessed i already came up with an idea for a logo.

i got the inspiration from a cam shaft within the engine, hence the engine and its cycles… ya, its one of those kinds of logos. lol.

know that the “ycles” portion of the logo is additional and is just blender font i typed out. the actual logo or “C-Shaft” as i will call it just for the sake of potential temporary ownership is the part i am trying to display and was modeled in blender, to a final model more likely in Inkskape where i can make it vector.

i trust if this is in the wrong section it will be moved.

please remember that i worked very hard on this despite its simplicity and that even tho im opening this to see what people think of a cycles logo, and hopfully to see more ideas, that ideas that are just copys of my logo above with some minor twists i would concider personally as morally wrong, especially if credit is given in the wrong place. if you alter my existing logo above i only ask that you reference me where it is used, despite changes, and i will do the same should it be any more than a suggestion to my existing work.

NOTE!!! if you find this on google… i posted this on blogger to upload the image here, and since google owns blogger, everything the gets uploaded to blogger gets added to google images immediately. I did not take this logo nor the background, and if you follow the link to it you can see it in the name of the blog.

i might also add that it would give me a legitimate logo to make into a shader ball that is exclusive to cycles instead of a blender logo which raises the question every time… “internal or cycles?”

I wanted to make fun of you for suggesting a logo much less making one…but you know what? Thats a pretty damn good logo, though without the “ycles” part. Not sure if Cycles really needs a logo to be honest, but that design is good enough to be part of blender…in fact i like it more than Blender’s official logo.

Beware! It’s already an official logo! :wink:

I was googling “blender logo” in the images section to see what kind of font is used… and your logo was already there! First page!

Any way… I think it’s necessary until the internal engine is dropped and I like your work. The only thing that I would definitively change is that “ycles”. Just replace it with a slightly smaller “cycles” in lowercase like Blender’s logo and, even if the font is ugly, it wouldn’t stand out that much.

I’d do some other changes but just because I like nitpicking. :smiley: Maybe we should have a user contest…

i posted it on blogger to refference a photo link. that is how i post a lot of my photos on here. dont worrie about it. blogger always gets moved to the top. its kindof nice actually.

a user contest might be nice.

i dont really want to make TOO many changes to my logo as it stands… infact i was even thinking of adding an intro animation to the bunch where you see the cam shaft spinning and has just a slight fall off with a hard stop into placement ant the c fades in behind it. it sounds a lot cheesier than it is, but i dont see it happening many other ways if i change the logo too much. also i already strayed prety far off the original look of a cam shaft so i could work it into a c

and thank you… hence the first line of my opening thread i was kindof expecting some ridicule but i sincerely appreciate the compliment, and being part of the official logo was actually part of my goal to an extent, even if my logo isnt the one used, should one be used at all. i just want to see a space filler where we can see a logo instead of “made with cycles…” lol

LOL, I was thinking of this also, though yours is way better than my ideas. the “C” is a little hard to understand and have it fit in with the rest of the logo.

P.S. Id share what I came up with, but I can’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:
P.P.S. first time i’ve ever said LOL :eyebrowlift2:

Very cool sir! I like the idea as well. Because it will separate from BI.
Could have in credits:
Made in Blender
(Blender Logo)
Rendered In Cycles
(Cycles Logo)

that was the plan, and i was un aware of the planed seperation. that will be cool once they get some of the kinks worked out. i will work on some vectors, and i appreciate the compliments. i dont often like the logos i come up with myself even, but this is definately one of my better ones and it would be cool if with some minor adjustments it works its way into blenders line of sight

i agree the YCLES feels out of place but i dont know that i want to cann it per say. i think i will rip the font into inkscape and play around with it. and as suggested i will shrink it a bit.

what does everyone think of my background for it. i was thinking of doing 1 dark and one light for different scenarios

I like the background, play with adding a lighter one, but I think its cool as is.

obviously it wont always be necessary, like when it is being used as a png or vector, but during the inbetween where this might work as a stand alone, or for its animation i plan on working on tonight, i just thought id cover it. ty

just made the SVG

This last one i was just messing around and i dont relaly know it came out the way i planned. its kindof intripolated around the edges… just so im clear that im not presenting this as somthing im holding to a very high standard.

Perhaps try removing the extension to the left of the camera lens and divide the edges of the circle into sections.

Sure, the way Cycles works may remind you of a camera, but to me the name kind of rings as something related to a bicycle, or something that goes round and round.

im sorry if i was not clear… when i said the inspiration was a cam shaft, i did not mean a camera, i meant a counter ballance on a cam shaft in an engine. the part that “cycles” inside the car to produce RPM

this is not my photo, but this is the camshaft i speak of

and yes… its spins at about 3500 revolutions per a minute… it literally “cycles” and it is part of an “engine” lol

I thought of a bicycle at first also… but its hardly original, and there is nothing enginey about a bicycle unfortunately… then it finally hit me that im trying to hard to find somthing that reminds me of a render engine… when an ENGINE its self is the answer.

i got a couple outside opinions of people who dont even know what cycles is, much less anything about 3d design, and they all where able to tell it was a counter weight of a cam shaft, one of them with out being told once they knew it was called cycles.

Sincerely, I saw a camera in it, with its angle of view, the same as Ace Dragon did; I’m still unable to see it as a balancer as you say, maybe because there is not enough room in it for the rod axis.


once i work on the animation i think it will become more clear… ir is a profile view of the part. and to say that the part of the engine that cycles turns into a camera is not bad either IMHO.

i found this which is ALMOST a profile view of what im talking about and it may become more clear…

once i build the animation i think the understanding will become more clear… kindof like Octanes logo which has no real significance… but you can make the association when they spin it at a couple hundred miles an hour

To make the point, you could animate the logo (like when windows or mac is processing info) and have a small shaft rotate the logo as its going around. I could see this animating in the corner as a render is taking place or what not.