Cycles - Mass updating of Image Texture Nodes

Hi all Blenderheads…

Had an issue with moving a scene file from one computer to another with a different version of Blender (my issue was from 2.60 to 2.61/2) and cycles throwing out all the textures…

Rickyblender came up with a solution of going into each material node editor and deleting the original texture image node, and replacing with a new image texture node then select the correct image…

Problem is, this is fine with a scene of only a handful of textures, but if you have a complex scene full of different textures, is there anyway of mass updating all the texture nodes quickly??

I’m experiencing problems with texture. For some reason the texture node lose it link to texture images. I see the setting but the image does not load. It seems to occur when I open the .blend file again.

The reason why you experience difficulties is, that Cycles does use image files on you hard drive. I can see two solutions:

  • If your blend file and your texture images lie in the same folder, you can simply zip them together and then move them.
  • Pack all files into your blend file, move the blend file and then unpack the textures again, this will result in a textures folder beside your blend file.

tested that and it does not work either !

did you try to report this as an error
and see answer for this problem !