Cycles Material Practice, Thoughts?

  1. Polished Wood Planks
  2. Old Painted Wood Planks w/ Water Droplets
  3. Rust
  4. Chrome
  5. Water

Interesting materials. Are they all procedural? Are the water droplets a part of the texture or are they particles? (I’m thinking it’s the latter, but, hey, maybe you’re really going crazy here.)

My thoughts:

  1. Polished Wood Planks - cool
  2. Old Painted Wood Planks w/ Water Droplets - those do not look like water droplets at all. They are quite big for one thing but the bigger problem is they are almost opaque. Looks more like resin or something
  3. Rust - I don’t think the rust would have such a strong, green(?) highlight
  4. Chrome - cool but chrome is easy :stuck_out_tongue: (edit: actually you can work more on the Fresnel effect)
  5. Water - hard to judge but if that’s the shader on the 2nd material then something is off. I think it needs to be more transparent.

What do you use as a reference? If you google “rusty/wooden/[etc. materials] ball” you usually get plenty of hits… just avoid other people’s CG renders lol
Try to get your renders as close as you can to a good reference image. The most important thing to pay attention to is the “specular” highlight (I know cycles doesn’t use this term but, you know what I mean :slight_smile: ). How strong is it? How sharp/blurred is it? What color?
Get the highlight right and you’re more then halfway there for many materials.

My advice:
-observe highlights of different materials
-possibly get better reference images
-learn about Fresnel effect
-learn about conductor vs dielectric reflections (need to learn more myself lol) . Here is an article on that(it’s non blender so ignore the how to sections, just grasp the main concept)

Good effort and good practice so keep at it!

Yes the water droplets are particles i have no idea if its even possible to do droplets procedurally

Thanks for the tips Toshi i will have a look at the article you provided. The water droplets both have the same material i probably have to decrease the size and make them more transparent. As for references i looked at google images to see what the material looked like but i need more practice seeing highlights, fresnel(kinda new to this though :/). But practice makes perfect i need that right now.

Here’s a few extra’s i did.

  1. electric/lightning material
  2. hologram sheet
  3. ocean?

Improvements :slight_smile: Thoughts?

On the water droplets, try using a metaball objects with more particles. Also try scaling them down a bit;l I sort or feel they are too big? Either that, or scale up the planks.

Is there a fresnel on the droplets? I’ve found that in this situation fresnel isn’t very useful. OTOH, you could try adding a ColorRamp node to push the opaque edge to the far parameter. The opaque edge should also be highly reflective; use a glossy surface node with near-zero roughness.

This also brings me to your chrome surface. I almost always add a bit of roughness, usually around 0.01 - 0.05 to smooth surfaces.

i didnt realize blender had such a feature ill use that for particles and yes i was using a fesnal

Yeah, fresnel can be tricky in this situation. I’ve never really got it to work out. But no matter, the edge should be bright and reflective (like your chrome), not flat - think of looking across a puddle’s surface versus directly into it.

Material Updated!! :slight_smile: