Cycles Material rendering problem

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with the rendering of this character, it was made in blender internal, and when I press the render button it works perfectly fine. When I switch to cycles, the material of the body and the eyes show in the render preview, but as for the actual rendering. the eyes they do not show their material, they’re just white. Please help!

Many thanks in advance

We’ll need to see the cycles materials that you using (supply demo blend file)

Blender render and Cycles render materials are completey different and incompatible between each renderer so you cannot just change the render engine and see the same materials but with a different renderer.
If you switch from one renderer to another you will need to recreate your materials from scratch for that specific renderer.

Ok here is the file

Ok here is the file.

Check the outliner.

You have objects (Cornea.L, Cornea.R) over the eyes which are hidden in the viewport but renderable. If you don’t want them, turn them off or put a transparent material on them

Thank you very much!!!

Hi @soka174. I think you mesh is wrong. Edit the eye with “edge” option and select de black material on it. You will see that there are edges which go from the white faces to a ring inside the black faces. If you arrange these edges you will not have this problem.