Cycles materials, procedurals, rendering etc. E-book?

Are there any good reading materials that containing a lot of information about cycles materials, procedural textures, rendering in cycles, shading, lighting etc. ? What about this book, is it any good?

I’ll be a tad more specific of what I want and tell you that I actually want to learn theory and pragmatism of cycles. Soooo… I’m asking is there such a E-book that does provide in depth information about cycles, how it functions and everything regarding cycles rendering engine or am I just stuck with searching online for various different tutorials and articles that touch up on cycles?

Pretty much as is with stuff in development… few things get irrelevant before even written.
The Cycles Shader Encyclopedia (Blender Guru)
The Cycles Encyclopedia (Blender Diplom)
CynicatPro videos
Chocofur Tutorials (and a very nice set of materials)

Experiment regularly and write notes to self :eyebrowlift2:

Thank you, Burnin. I’ve already checked all of those. Looks like that would be it.