Cycles_Matlib Beta Release! Help Wanted!

Cool idea, Meta-Androcto.
At the moment I’m messing with very basic materials because nodes are scary, but this could change with a nice material library with the starting point to make different materials.

thanks :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of a 3 tiered system.
Basic, (easy example)
Advanced, ( more complex but exposed/open)
Expert, ( complex node groups )

hopefully that should cover most peoples needs. :slight_smile:

Hi Meta

Would you be interested by that material ?

Procedural Leather. Played with it in the car paint shading thread.

yes, it looks quite good,
I’m happy to accept anything you have with nice textures/displacement

Feel free to grab this .blend:

Two materials, one is my (once more, with better control) updated car paint shader, the other a procedural rust shader I made. They are combined in one single material in the blend but can be split out as well. I grouped them nicely.

Thanks monsterdog. :thumbup:

Cheers, mib.

hi, current format & progress.

there’s still quite a lot missing or not up to standard.
Wood, Stone, Skin, Organic all need better materials…
Thanks to everyone that has helped so far.
I’ll have a Beta Version on blendswap within a few days so people can test & hopefully help improve.

Looks great!

bump, link to llib in first thread.
more materials still needed to improve.

@Meta-Androcto This should be made into a full online material database with a material library addon not unlike LuxRender’s. Then, eventually, users could submit new materials (maybe even through the addon?) to the online library for acceptance. Creating a Cycles material file format would probably be simplest.

'Course, it could take some work, but it would be much easier for users to update to the latest version; ideally, they could download the whole library or only the materials they’d need.

It’s something I’ve been pondering for a while. With this latest effort towards creating a material library (by the way, great work so far!) I figured I might as well ask if there’s any interest in having a dedicated addon for it too.

I would be more than happy to provide web hosting if any python scripters want to help me with the addon development. :slight_smile:

I’m currently looking for some docs on http.client, which seems to be a networking module. Also, I am studying the LuxRender and addons to get an idea of how to use it in the meantime.

you need to change the file extension from .blend1 to just .blend to open it.

thanks, fixed link

This is really awesome! thanks!
you can append the materials into your scene works great…

(only thing would be cool now is if there was material preview)
kind like shadertools or something like that(or like Cinema4D)

whats needed is the names of the materials added under the material renders…
also a smooth shaded monkey with subsurf would probably be better than just a sphere.

RickyBlender, I would be happy to include your materials.
If you could add them to a .blend with your name & upload, I’ll add them to the mat lib.

Some issues, scale on some materials/textures is hard to adjust.
1/ Maybe some sort of generic Scale Group could fix?
2/ Still not enough stone, organic & skin & textile & displacement.

Once or twice a week updates for the next month.
2 Monthly updates after that.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

where do i upload this ?
in my thread shown if i can cause here i cannot upload anything!

i’ll try to reduce the size cause right now the files they are around 3.5 MB
or may be cut in 1/2 to have 2 files instead!

otherwise i’ll give a URL on my MSN account!


He gave the upload instructions in the first post:

thanks, I really appreciate your help, I’ll update soon.

updated & created more materrials.
beta 2 d/l in first post.

Here’s some I have used in my cartoon rendering techniques, see if they of any use… Cheers

Alpha texture thing

Linear gradient technique