Cycles Memory Issues?

Hello all,

I’m making my first animation with Cycles and I noticed something rather odd. The longer I have the job running, the more memory is being used to render the scene. This is happening even though I’m not doing anything to change the scene, I’m just panning down. It started off at a mild 4.5GB but it’s now up to 11.5GB after 11 hours and 50+ frames rendering. Does Cycles have some sort of issue with dumping memory or might it be a certain render setting that’s affecting it?

It shouldn’t be too big of an issue since I’m rendering on a large memory server, but it did catch my attention. I’ve included a screenshot of the memory log for reference (the rendering starts at the 13:00 mark where it upticks).

Did you use CPU only render or GPU? Any custom fancy addons?

Yeah, I used CPU only render, and no, I didn’t have any fancy addons.

Hi, IIRC there was some memory leek problems with 2.67/8, which version are you using?
You can try a daily build from:

Cheers, mib.

Ha, perhaps I should have thought of that. The version that’s installed on the servers is 2.65, so a little old. I’ll put in a request for them to update to the current version and see what happens.