Cycles mix shader and glass material

Was testing the materials for car renders in Cycles…

So far trying out mixed shader for car surface and glass shader for car windows and glass panels…

I know the mix shader needs improvement and currently working on it…

Glass shader seems wrong… anyone can help me with this?


Use pure Glass BSDF directly connected w/o any mix, set min/max bounces to > 8 to avoid black things after multiple interreflections inside glass. Double check Glass BSDF color is 1.0, not 0.8.
Use real solid object for glass, not single mesh surface, with proper normals pointed outside of object.

I had a similar problem where an object inside a glass box (with a slight color tinge, so couldn’t set color to 1.0) just didn’t get as much light as I wanted and turned very dark despite being in full light.

I fixed it by doing something similar to this (scroll down to "Glass and Transparent Shadows):

I used a slightly different setup where I used “Add” instead of “Maximum” to mix “Camera Ray” and “Transmission Ray”.

This will make the shadows from your glass only those of the transparent BSDF. Unfortunately the reflection of your glass object is also only the transparent BSDF, I fixed this by mixing this setup with just the glass BSDF and using “Reflection Ray” as the factor.

A little convoluted, but works well if all you want to do is avoid the caustics/shadows but have everything else intact.