Cycles MLT patch

Hi all, this was reported in the easter egg thread some time ago but I think it deserves a own thread.
lukasstockner97 published a patch for Cycles including MLT (Metropolis Light Transport).
There was good process lately an I do some test render with patched Cycles.
You can´ t compare samples between path and MLT, these pictures are rendered 5 minutes each.
Was 800 samples for pathtracing, stop MLT after 5 minutes.



Follow the patch thread:

Cheers, mib.

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and there is also guy working on light portals…

Really nice. The PT example lack of glossy on the floor though?

EDIT: ah it’s there but barely visible being much more noisy sorry.
@-_- can you link the revision, can’t find.

Ah i was wondering how the hell sudenly so many new subscribers + notyfications on my mail. Because ot this thread xD!

I am waiting for someone to make build for windows 7 64 bit? anyone? because no time for pathing…

Thats the news ! ))Already curious about water effect…

@Marco: The patch is here: This is not in master yet.

@marcoG_ita, diffuse material in both render.
@bluecd, in the patch thread is a water caustic render.
@Kramon, I ask developer to put builds here, if he have time.

As this is not a test thread I don´t add more pictures here, put some on pastall.

Cheers, mib.

i have already asked… as soon as there is he will give a link :smiley:

wow this is awesome

do you have a link to this guys work or at least a name?

I think this is what is being referred to.

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This plus MLT = homer simpson drool

MLT is sweet glad that blender is adding it.

Windows x64 Build:

Compiled with VC2008 so performance will be bad, you have been warned. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much anyways, Thomas, :slight_smile:

Just to inject some realism to this thread: atm, this doesn’t help much except on caustics.

Here’s some tests I did with material sample spheres, both 90 second renders:

MLT (10 samples)

Progressive (120 samples)

Speed improvements should come with time. Hopefully this can be made a lot faster without removing optimizations for other modes (tiling, etc).

Also, remember this patch is sort of two patches in one. There’s also support for noise-adaptive AA samples for progressive and (eventually?) branched path. That’s also a work in progress. The guidance works pretty well in my tests, but there isn’t yet support for rendering tiles to different sampling levels. So it’s not always worth that much.

Finally, I have an OS X build of this. Since no one else seems to be making those, I’ll throw it online tonight when I get home.

This is a surprise, so that means we now have two new developers working on major sampling optimizations?

I bet the studio teams who will be tasked with Project Gooseberry production are crying tears of joy about now, because they would actually be able to render out trickier lighting situations if needed in a much faster time-frame, which very well might mean the movie having much better visuals and really showing that Cycles can compete with the big guns :smiley:

10 second per frame?? On what hw? This looks amazing. As does the mtl patch! Great work!!

CoyHot is actually an old hand at Blender coding, did some nodes for the compositor ages ago.

DingTo i tried to render a scene, and it seems that its only using 1 CPU core?
using an 8120(8core)

edit oh, it only does that using the “preview” window,
F12(render button) uses all cores.

p.s. and yep it is slow. :stuck_out_tongue: