Cycles modifier problem.

Hi folks.

I have a spot lamp which I’m trying to cycle around 360’ on Z. I have the rotation keys set to 0, 90, 90, 89 so I get a full sweep. It works fine but there is a slight slow down in the last quadrant as the lamp gets to the end of it’s rotation. I have the Curve Inter set to Linear and I’ve tried all the things I can think of get level this out without success.

Is there a problem with my logic or am I missing something?



if your keyframes are set to linear I don’t see what the problem would be.
Maybe supply a .blend if possible.


I think I found it, do you have to apply the Linear setting to all key frames, or does it apply to the channel?

It’s an interpolation setting, so it is keyframe-based, yes. You can have a mix of linear, bésier and constant on a single curve.

Gotcha. All sorted, thank you very much.