Cycles: More than two image overlays per material possible?


I’m in the process of (hopefully) porting a multilayer material setup from Blender Render to Cycles and I’ve succeeded in getting two images to overlap and act independently from one another using the node setup in the attached .blend.

The next question would be how to add more image overlays to the material – the problem being that the mix shader only has two plugs. I guess what I’m looking for is a way to expand my mix shader or some node that will act as a power strip of sorts.

Marco :slight_smile:


mix shader03.blend (576 KB)

you can add other mix shaders !

but I think your are limited to 6 images per material in cycles !

happy cl

Thanks! I’ll try and find out how I do this.

6 is plenty lol. :smiley:

The current material uses four IIRC.

You just “stack” the mix shaders into each other:

Firt, the .blend you posted has no textures, next time make sure to pack all the texture in the file (file=>external data=> pack into blend file)

Then the answer is pretty simple, just add another mix shader node and plug the output of the previous mix in the first slot, then another texture, or even another mix shader to the other.
You don’t have to change anything about the mix shader node :slight_smile: just use more of them

You are using an Attribute to get the UV maps, there’s already a node that does exactly that, it’s the UV Map node ( under input while adding a node )


Ahhh - thanks Ikari/Thanzex. You just spared me a lot of 'splainin. I’ll look into your tips.