Cycles - Multi Layers not rendering.

Welp, decided to try and use multiple layers since the project I am working on kind of requires it… sadly though I’ve run into a problem. I’ve tried to look at tutorials and other threads here to see if I could find the answer but it seems I can’t figure out ‘what’ the issue is.

Just to test it out, I’ve got a cube on one layer, and a plain on another; I then have two render layers - with the cube layer on one and the background on another, using the compositor I combine the two using an Alpha Over… it doesn’t work, combining them only makes ‘one’ of the two meshes actually appear while the other doesn’t. I then tried using a Mix-node, and still the same thing.

An example of my set up is in the image below.


Enable “transparent” in the film tab (render settings).

That fixed it, I never though that’d influence the multi-render stuff… Thanks Ninja :slight_smile: