Cycles multiple Iterations over Render

Is it possible in Cycles to do multiple Iterations over the same Image?
Like Rendering the whole image at 256 samples, and then again if that wasn’t enough?

I think i saw something similar with renderman and this would be really nice because i sometimes don’t know how many samples i need and just want it to keep rendering.

Set it to something high, and then stop it when you are happy.

Unfortunately no, not that I know of. Since there is no pause mode for F12 renders, there is really no way than to rerender it again if you need to use the computer for something else. A cumbersome workaround is to save the unfinished image and rerender, this time with a different seed, and combine the two.

<sarcasm>But why replace all this with a simple pause button?</sarcasm> :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=’[hris;2885048’]I sometimes don’t know how many samples i need and just want it to keep rendering.[/QUOTE]Indeed there’s no other option than to check “Progressive Refine” and to let it cook until you’re happy with the result.
Mind you, though, that progressive refine is slower and needs much more memory.

hmmm progressive refine is actually usable. I don’t know how much more ram it uses but hopefully i won’t run out of vram

Actually, yes. You can. The trick is to change the random value between renders. Once you have all the renders, you can use the compositor to mix them together.

(By the random value, I meant the seed value.)

he means you should render out an animation at 256 samples each frame (changing seed value), then mix how many frames are needed for the image to
be clean.
there was a script (don’t remember who and where) that managed this workflow

edit: I remembered! :slight_smile: