Cycles new microdisplacement testing, discussion and blend sharing

Hi there,

just wanted to share a window build with the new Cycles microdisplacement.

Edit: the feature is already into master

How to use it:

  1. Cycles as render
  2. turn experimental in render button
  3. In the subsurf modifier check Adaptive
  4. In the material setting panel, make sure you choose true displacement.

Since i haven’t play with displacement in cycles i m willing to learn as well.

Please share your image workflow for other to learn as well.


Image credit: Adriano.ol

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tried it and nothing ?

what values do you set in panel ?

selected both and nothing or very little happened in render

do you need to add some sort of texture or not ?

happy bl

Thanks but it’s not working here. It crashes as soon as I press render (F12 or Viewport render)

Thanks for the build, however it crashes on either F12 or viewport render.

heres a short tutorial

Render well here quick test
How are you setting it up?
Note that i didn’t play a lot with displacement in Cycles

Edit: thanks nudelz for the link :slight_smile:

Crash for me too.

Seems to work fine for me.

did you check the video tutorial? can you show your workflow?

Which commit did you compile? The test-cycles-displacement branch or the GitHub repo from the mail? And which commit hash?
The reason why I’m asking is because there have been around 5 fixes for various crashes by now, so it’d be great to know whether the crashes here have actually been fixed already or are still around.

Oh, and btw: GPU rendering isn’t working yet, it just won’t do any subdivision.

On your test you are in bump so it’s not the thrue displacement.

And yes I did everything like the video ^^

Still crash for me.

Same, I redid all the steps and no cake.

Hardware : i75820k, gtx970, windows10x64

I tried the build, it crash out often, still a big step forward in comparison with the old method. at this stage I see more news around Blender.
Simple plane with textures for displace



Here is with true it render just fine
I m on win7 64 may be we are getting some version windows issue? what version of window do you have? this is just a guessing game, devs. will need more info?

@lukas my build is test-cycles-displacement branch hash cede8bc. checkout that typo Displacment

It’s working for me when using displacement on a cube (like in the video) but crashing when trying to apply displacement on a subdivided plane.

can you give that model i try it out?

here you go:

Maybe i’m doing something wrong but it’s working for me on everything except a subdivided plane.

here is a WIP render :slight_smile:

base mesh



can you show basic set up and parameters to get these renders

happy cl