Cycles new microdisplacement testing, discussion and blend sharing

A question:

Would microdisp. feature enable creation of real-world uneven, shattered edges of an object (ag. building, wall etc) ??

On this blend the render is ok for me.

But when I use calmut clark, blender chrashes.

I love it so far.
Something I have noticed is that playing with nodes for displacement doesn’t reflect on viewport: you have to switch to solid or wireframe, and back to “rendered” for changes to apply…

example file and build worked very nicely for me. It only crashed once, when I pushed the max subdividsion to 14…

for this file it crashes with subdiv catmult!

happy cl

I think the code implementation for the moment allows flat mesh or open mesh (plane, circle, …) to use linear not Catmull-clark and close mesh like cube can use linear and Catmull-clark.
Yes i confirm that crash here as well.
Here a pic of microdisplacement.blend file rendered with cube and catmull-clark

View Pic
@nudelZcan you share your file to see how your texture looks like? Those are really impressive details that you are pulling out.

I saw patches but i didn’t merge with branch waiting for devs to do so and then i will update the build.

Tooo bad it doesn’t support UV maps (yet) :frowning: is it planned to?

Sorry for the confusion, perhaps you have read my previous comment. I am using Blender from master where the code is not fully implemented yet. It seems from the microdisplace branch it support UV maps.

First of all
yeahhhh :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
thats cool !!

Tested a bit and doesnt work with catmull. Another thing preview is realy slow compared to final render but works.
Realy happy to see that it works and is in progress!

Thanks a lot !


MMMmmm I didn’t read your comment but thanks anyway, yeeeei great UVs, and is it too much to ask for a bake microdisplacement ? xD

Just a test with textures from Christoph Schindelar


Hmmmm ok, it works only on closed meshes. I made my plane into a cube and it works. :slight_smile:

This looks amazing. Just wondering what the advantages are over the old subdivide/multires workflow. Looking forward to a Mac build too if anyone feels like it :slight_smile:

Yeah, for Mac!!! Please!!!

Ok, with the newest official beta on OSX.
Here it is on GPU! 3x GTX 6GB, it took barely 20 seconds!
Subdivision in Full glory from a flat plane + a noise displacement :slight_smile:
3 Pictures: 1. Both, 2. True only (catmull rom), and 3. Both.
Dice Rate=2.0

So is this already implemented ??? Or is the temp-branch-micropoly sth different ? Anyone ?


Not so bad, avoid repetition by mixing textures

Looks like the main code is in master now. 1, rB3068ea34e414 2, rB71588300d233 3, rB9f39619ddadee
New code will probably go into temp-cycles-microdisplacement (Code history) first and then into master later.

looking at it makes me wonder, what if blender had fractal alike noise textures

I think you should change color to non-color data as to not color correct the texture before using it.


That works well. That plus setting the black to -1 with a color curves gives me what I was after.
Nice tip.


This is mindblowing work from devs! I get mixed information from this thread, can someone specify if the GPU render is officially supported or not? Tnx