Cycles new microdisplacement testing, discussion and blend sharing

(3DLuver) #381

Testing again, Had some weird issue that after re rendering with no changes at all then rendered correctly. Looks the patch conversion code still has some major issues, Hope this helps diagnose them.

Broke render:

Re rendered no change at all:

Very Odd :confused:

(nur rakhman) #382

tried a simple test after watching blender guru tutorial
Tiny details matter :evilgrin:


(nudelZ) #383

(Kramon) #384

(tungee) #385

It would be damn nice, if more procedural textures from the blender renderer could ported to cycles too.
Like stucci or so.

@Kramon nice!

(burnin) #386

:)Love it!

(wolfie138) #387

i had a quick try at this and it took a stupid amount of minutes to tesselate the plane and actually start rendering - is this normal?
the scene was nothing too special, a few objects and the AS was only on a single ground plane.

(Lsscpp) #388

It can be, it depends on parameters. Please provide a little more cues…

(Bernardo) #389

yes even a single scene can be really heavy if the parameters are not set correctly.

I notice that microdisplacement and tessellation do not work in panoramic renders. Is it a known issue or a bug or a feature that will be added in the future?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(wolfie138) #390

depends which parameters you mean. i had subdiv set to 4 i think, i’ll check anything else you mention. the vid on Guru just seemed to do the same thing, ie nothing special settings-wise and got much faster results - finished way, way before i’d finished tesselating etc.

(Lsscpp) #391

weird. can you post your file?

(rahbari) #392

my test,i use knald for bake hight and normal map

(Benny G) #393

Some fun with blender microdisplacement :eyebrowlift:

(ubi_laptop) #394

Im trying out this:
Is that possible to “bake” or apply the microdisplaced geometry to the actual geometry ?

(ArMan) #395

You should do it with displacement modifier then. Sorry, the space bar stopped working again on this forum.

edit: ok, space works again. Message fixed. :confused:

(ubi_laptop) #396

to ArMan : thank you !
the displacement modifier would be not so powerfull and without the “adaptive” option,
but it is an option !

(mohasher) #397

regarding using the normal maps with micro-displacement and the mesh becoming all black , maybe it is logical that micro-displacement truly alters the mesh making the normals different so it doesn’t work ???

Is there a way to use both , or to feed the normal map input with the mesh changes of the micro-displacement ???

(ubi_laptop) #398

hi mohasher a screenshot would help to understand your question.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #399

I filed a bug about it a while ago, but it was relegated to to-dos AFAIR. It sucks, but normal maps probably won’t work with microdisplacement in the foreseeable future.

(mohasher) #400

@ubi_laptop you cant use both microdisplacement and normals together always gives no output :slight_smile:

@piotr well do we even need the normals if it truely implements the displacement ??