Cycles NO CUDA 32bit Build for Linux

I want to try Cycles out but every build I download it has only GPU rendering, and I can’t seem to figure out where the CPU rendering option is located if there is such.

I’m using Ubuntu, 32bit system on my machine.

there should be a pulldown on the “render” properties tab in the “render” panel (the one with buttons to start a render or start rendering an animation… there should be a puuldown for display and beneath that a pulldown for device… change that to CPU and you’ll be fine.

You can’t build cycles without cpu support!

Are you sure?

It’s a mistery then XD

If your machine does not support CUDA it will revert to your CPU to render so you won’t see the option for your GPU. Does the cycles render work at all ?

Nope, I’m pretty sure. Tried everything I can think of. It just gives me a black screen. I’ve been trying this out with all the builds since it came out the first time, never seen a direct option for CPU rendering nor did it work.

I got all libraries installed that are necessary and I never got any error messages. What am I missing?

Have you tried going to the default scene (File / Load Factory Settings). This will give a scene with objects and lights.

I will try that out, I already added lights before and it didn’t work, It’s not a hardware issue since it’s working on Windows (I tried it now).

Just because Blender starts doesn’t mean you have all of the libraries needed to use Cycles. Click the dividing line under the bar at the very top of the screen (the one that has file, etc.) and drag it down. If the debug console up there is red, then you are missing dependencies and it will tell you which ones.

Alright, I’m confused, before doing what you told I did everything as I did before (for a millionth time), set up a mesh light, changed the view to Rendered BUT…now it works!

Maybe Windows approved of this! XD

I think we can consider this solved. Thank you for the help all.