Cycles node setup for ArchViz Window glass

Hello dear Blenderartist,

I’m trying to create a material for window glass with these characteristics:

  • transparent
  • light emitting
  • slightly reflective
  • no shadow

I’m trying to do that with the help of the Light Path node, but I’m not skilled enough for the task, here’s my setup:

Something is wrong with it: looks like the direct emission light is not taken into account, and sometimes (yes sometimes) the window is not transparent, but that seems related to a cycles bug, since switching from GPU to CPU render and back often fixes the problem.

Anybody can please help with the node setup?

Thank you in advance!

Simple… 1 object, 2 quads, 2 materials:
a) inside invisible emitter or portal outside
b) transparent + gloss, no ior

  • if needed for realism or if window takes a large image area, i also add some bump & another reflective surface with some dirt - of course it depends on the window/ glass type and installation

hello burnin, i would prefer resolving everything with just 1 object: i have my students striving to learn Blender and i want to keep complexity to a minimum

thanks for you suggestion anyway!

Ok, maybe it’s not the easiest possible setup, but with this i obtain what i was looking for:

  • transparency
  • reflection
  • not blocking external lights
  • emission for faking external ambient

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