Cycles node that shifts UV map ?

So I am baking normal maps sequence, and once it’s baked/saved on HDD, I need to load it back into Blender and shift UV map (or image itself) so that I get tiling effect.

I can do that manually, but mapping my baked out image to a plane with UV map shifted by X and Y at half if the image size. I can also to that in GIMP by going to Layers > Transform > Offset.

I just want to automate the process, so that I don’t have to do all that manually.

Is there a node in Cycles that does exactly that ? Image > node > transformed (to my specs above) image > render into image sequence.

Or maybe it’s something that should be done in VSE / compositor ?


To shift vector coordinates (which includes UV’s), use the separate XYZ node and string all three channels into a math node set to ‘add’. Adding to each channel will act as a dynamic offset of the texture on a per-coordinate basis, and you then would string the data through a combine XYZ node to use it with the texture.

To animate this then, create a group node and have the second math node inputs as input slots, then key some values on them like normal.

Thanks. It sounds complex :confused: I found different solution though.

a more simpler setup, but still the exact same thing as AceDragon described, is to use the VectorMath and add the UV to the shift vector you want.