Cycles, nodes, blurring procedural textures?

To create an easily modifiable tile material, the procedural brick texture is awesome. However, I was hoping to also create the normal and fake AO maps by blurring the tile mortar area with different shaped offsets (example in the photo attached).

I just couldn’t find a way to blur procedural textures inside the material node editor. How would I achieve this? So far, I’ve got the roughness and RGB going, but the blur and different fall-offs are unfound.

The problem is that now when set to be displacement, the straight black-white tiles/mortar assigned have an infinitely sharp transitional edge between them if I comprehend the procedural editor correctly. When I render in small size, it looks like it has a tiny bevel/falloff, but in bigger size as I zoom in, the edge gets infinitely small/remains at barely one pixel wide. And this is what I want to emphasize/blur, how would I go around doing it while staying procedural?

What I mean:
small size, proportionately noticeable bevel
bigger size, bevel stays one pixel wide

Thanks for the help!